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Douglas J. Needles (portrayed by Flea in Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III) is an acquaintance of Marty McFly and Jennifer Parker from Hill Valley High School. Like his school's alumnus, Biff Tannen, Needles also has his own gang (portrayed by Christopher Wynne, J. J. Cohen, and Ricky Dean Logan) and develops a rivalry with Marty. Needles often goads Marty into doing reckless things, leveraging on Marty's fear of being labeled as a coward. In 1985, Needles convinces Marty to take part in a street race with his pickup truck (which he acquired in the final timeline of Part I). The street race ends up with Marty crashing into a Rolls Royce. With this crash, Marty break his hand (which results in his inability to play the guitar) and goes into debt with the owner of the wrecked car up to the point of financially ruining his life and future (as seen the timeline of Part II, in 2015). Also, in the same timeline, in 2015, Needles convinces Marty to take part in an illegal business transaction which results in his firing. In the final timeline of Part III (also in 1985) Marty refuses to take part in the street race as, while in 1885, he had learned to ignore people calling him a coward.