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In 2004, the Federal Chancellery published a corporate design guide for the federal administration, in force since 1 January 2007. The colour specifications given there are compatible with those later put in the annex to the flag law. The matching of heraldic tincture to modern color specifications for print or screen display is very uncertain, and to some extent left to the discretion of the publisher. A 2004 source specifies "Pantone Red 032 C", or RGB #F00000, for heraldic red. Recommendations for using "web safe" colours for electronic displays have partly been obsoleted by technological progress; since the "web safe" recommendations are often markedly different from the colours used in print, digital publications often attempt to approximate the printed colour. However, it has become common to specify colours for printing using the "Pantone Matching System", which is a proprietary colour space, and Pantone LLC prevents the publication of keys to their codes under intellectual property laws. The pdf document of the official "corporate design" manual published by the Federal Chancellery (2018 version) appears to be representing the red in the Swiss flag as RGB #e30613. There are conflicting conventions in use among those canotons whose cantonal coats of arms have red tincture; Solothurn has specified "Pantone 032" since 1993, later followed suit by Bern and Schwyz, while Obwalden uses "Pantone 3G", and Basel-Landschaft, Nidwalden and Glarus have opted to issue no official recommendation.