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In Upper Myanmar, the banana leaf is used in handcrafting an elaborate multi-tiered offertory known as phetsein kundaung (ဖက်စိမ်းကွမ်းတောင်). In Thailand, banana leaf is used to create an offering bowl called krathong, it is an important element during traditional festival of Loy Krathong day. Thai people will celebrate this on the full-moon day of the twelfth lunar month. The celebration was meant to pay respect to the Mother of Water called Phra Mae Kong Kha by floating a krathong on a body of water. Other Asian countries also shares this similar festival such as; Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, India and China. Krathong means lotus-shaped vessel like a leave bowl made of banana leaves and flowers with joss sticks and a candle in the middle. During Loy Krathong festival, people carry their krathongs to the river. After lighting candles and three joss sticks and making a wish, they will gently place their krathongs on the water and let them drift away. People believed that krathongs will carry their wickedness and bad luck away, and after that happiness will come to them. In fact, it is the time to be happy as the sufferings are floated away and a time to enjoy dancing, singing, or activities with other people. People use banana leaves to make krathongs because it is organic material, natural and would decompose easily.